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Faspol Sp. z o.o.

Why us

The quality policy of our company is more important than image. It reflects into particular facts that may cause you to join to our group of satisfied clients..


Branch flexibility

Whatever industry represents your company- milk, pharmaceutical or construction, we know the specificity of each of them. If you decide to cooperate with our company, you can be sure that our solutions will fulfill the all requirements of industry you are working in, including certificates and as-built documentation.


Custom fabrication

These are not just empty words. Our company does not have a product catalogue. Each tank, which leaves the production site is different, adjusted to customer needs. Structural or stainless steel, horizontal or vertical set, versatile volumes, equipment and the intended use of a product. There are thousands of possibilities but one thing is a fact- we are producing from steel.


From concept to a tank

In the first place, we are producing and offering tanks and technological systems. Our key of success is based on ideology which includes need identification, professional advice, a good project, and only at the end-product. By taking cooperation with us, there is no need to have the project or even a final idea. We will be pleased to develop the concept of solution and, having your approval, build a project which performs all aims and requirements of the client.


Investments and opportunities

We are moving forward. We are continuously investing in modernisation of our machinery. Well-equipped production site means the absence of delays caused by a hardware problem, large capacity and the ability to handle even the toughest jobs. We do understand the fact, that even modern machine can not replace a good employee, so we are employing only qualified and reliable workers, moreover, giving the opportunity to trainees and students who would strengthen the staff of our company.


We act responsibly

The production of our tanks and other technical solutions are completely reliable. There is no production or processing plant which has a downtime caused by invalid device which has been supplied by Faspol. We are putting maximum efforts to complete each order precisely and accurately. We pay attention to the required standards and certifications such as ISO standards, material certificates, Technical Inspection documentation, moreover, we provide warranty for each order. By developing unusual and innovative solutions we are cooperating with the Technical University of Lodz.